Ukraine Prosthetic Initiative + Tactical medicine equipment
Ukraine Prosthetic Initiative + Tactical medicine equipment

The Ukraine Prosthetic Initiative aids Ukrainians with limb amputations, countering cost-inefficient overseas treatment. Partnering internationally, the initiative trains local medical teams for affordable prosthetic fittings and rehabilitation

Today 17,000-plus brave Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have lost their limbs since the start of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. They now await prosthetics and rehabilitation in an environment familiar to them, with a ready support network. Many of the wounded soldiers want to return to the front lines but cannot until they are physically and mentally ready.

A few hundred of Ukrainians with limb amputations were transferred to the United States (and other places worldwide) to receive medical care, prosthetic fittings, and initial therapy. While extremely grateful for this assistance, the numbers are too small and the costs too high to be a solution for that vast majority of the soldiers in need. In addition, the transportation, language challenges, unfamiliar settings, and re-entry when they return home make this approach less effective than it needs to be.

A successful Ukraine prosthetic initiative will: 

Build a strong professional international partnership with medical teams, and prosthetic manufacturers, behavioral specialists, and physical therapists to deliver the care each patient needs. 

Send international experts to Ukraine to serve patients directly while at the same time training and supporting the medical and specialist teams there. This will expand the ability to serve patients exponentially.

Ukraine has an amazing new facility, “UNBROKEN” Rehabilitation Center in Lviv, ready to be the base of operations for this initiative. They have ready, willing medical teams and specialists that need training so they can help in the prosthetic fitting and rehabilitation process. With training and support, they could serve multiples more of those in need at much lower costs.

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Project goals:

  • Build a strong professional UA-USA partnership.
  • “Train the trainers”: Train and equip Ukrainian prosthetists and physical therapists to become top professionals.
  • Maximize the number of people getting fitted in Ukraine.

The costs to serve 100 patients in the US is approximately $6,000,000.

The cost to serve 100 patients in Ukraine with the help of the US specialists is approximately $160,000. 

The US team will provide hands–on care while training the Ukrainian specialists, therefore, providing scalability and further cost reduction.

How you can help:

There are several ways in which you can contribute to the cause of helping wounded Ukrainians regain their mobility. One possibility is to consider sponsorship, where you can fund a team that will journey to Ukraine and offer treatment to around ten people who require assistance. The cost for sponsoring the entire team amounts to $16,000, or alternatively, you can choose to sponsor an individual team member for $4,000. 

Additionally, if you have experience in the medical field or prosthetics, your expertise would be greatly appreciated in forming a medical and prosthetic team. Your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of those who require specialized care to regain their independence and mobility.

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